Customer FAQ

1. What is Thinkspeed?

Thinkspeed is a crowd sourced research platform that helps companies obtain unbiased, targeted, and actionable feedback from a community of professionals who are familiar with enterprise technologies.

2. Who are typical customers of Thinkspeed?

Thinkspeed presently focuses on insights from the technology industry. Our customers are typically technology or financial services professionals wanting to better understand a company, a technology, or a product. We find that most of our customers are professionals that work in the areas of product marketing & management, engineering, IT, financial analysis, and M&A.

3. What is the Thinkspeed Research Community?

The Thinkspeed Research Community is an invitation-only group of professionals, possessing expertise in working with various technologies, who are invited to participate in research studies commissioned by our customers.

4. Who can be a member of the Thinkspeed Research Community?

Membership is open to professionals who work closely with technology. Community members are matched to studies using a sophisticated matching system based on customer preferences and the specific study requirements.

5. What do you get when you do a research study, or a Thinkstudy?

A Thinkstudy is a research study with one big difference – it is created by gathering feedback from members of the Thinkspeed Research Community. Customers specify desired respondents based on background, experience, and other qualification criteria, and Thinkspeed’s algorithm invites qualified members of the community to respond to the studies.

6. Can I pick specific community members to participate in a Thinkstudy?

No. As a customer you can define the requirements for study respondents, but the system automatically identifies the most qualified members based on your requirements.

7. Do I get to interact with community members directly?

No. As a customer, you can create the questionnaire that forms the basis of the study, and our Thinkspeed engine and service team will best match your respondent criteria to get feedback from the right community members. Their responses are processed by the Thinkspeed Research team before being made available to you.

8. Are there any opportunities for me to follow up with study respondents?

Yes. Once a study has been completed, customers can select respondents with whom they would like to follow up for one-on-one consultations.

9. What type of questions can I get answered from community members?

Thinkspeed community members are happy to provide insight into any number of topics as long as the information is not proprietary and confidential to any organization. Ultimately, community members decide in which studies they choose to participate.

10. Will Thinkspeed filter questions prior to submitting them to community members for feedback?

No. However, community members stay away from answering questions that are likely to violate their agreement with their employers.

11. How do I know if the responses I receive are accurate?

Community members are rewarded for their participation, and their continued status as a member requires them to have consistently positive reviews from customers. We use customer feedback and internal review to filter irrelevant responses.

12. Typically how many members participate in a study?

Most customers are comfortable with having 10-30 participants per study. Thinkspeed allows clients to decide the number of participants based on their specific study requirements.

13. How quickly can a market study be generated?

The time varies depending on the type of study and the number of respondents, but turnaround times can be as little as one or two days.

14. Why would community members divulge information that may be considered private or proprietary?

Community members are required by their agreement with Thinkspeed not to divulge proprietary or confidential information.

15. Does Thinkspeed share the results of a study with other customers?

No. Study results are proprietary. Thinkspeed does not share the results of a study with other customers.

16. Have more questions?

Let us know.