Research Community FAQ

1. What is Thinkspeed?

Thinkspeed is a crowd sourced research platform that helps companies obtain unbiased, targeted, and actionable feedback from a community of professionals who are familiar with enterprise technologies.

2. Who are Thinkspeed’s customers?

Thinkspeed presently focuses on insights from the technology industry. Our customers are typically technology or financial services professionals wanting to better understand a company, technology, product, or service. Most of our customers are professionals that work in the areas of product marketing & management, engineering, IT, financial analysis, and M&A.

3. What is the Thinkspeed Research Community?

The Thinkspeed Research Community is an invitation-only group of professionals, possessing expertise in working with various technologies, who are invited to participate in research studies commissioned by our customers.

4. Who can be part of the Thinkspeed Research Community?

Business professionals who have experience working with enterprise technologies and would like to be involved in providing feedback to our customers are invited to join the community

5. What are the benefits to joining the community?

Thinkspeed allows you to:

Build your professional reputation within a community of professionals and prospective employers.

Give feedback on products and services that you use, develop, market, or sell.

Get compensated for each study in which you choose to participate, typically through payments or access to study results.

6. How easy is it to sign up?

Initial sign up takes less than 30 seconds. Once your account is active, you can log in to Thinkspeed and build a custom profile by adding your employment information, as well as products and technologies that you know. You can also import your LinkedIn profile to help you get started quickly.

7. Can I invite friends?

Absolutely! In fact, we believe the bigger and more active our community, the more value it can add to our customers’ studies and provide more relevant, targeted study results. We also offer a referral bonus when a member you invite completes their first paid study.

8. How do I get invited to participate in a research study, or Thinkstudy?

The Thinkspeed platform automatically matches and invites the most appropriate members based on the expertise requirements of each study. Once you have been selected, you will be notified via email and requested to accept within a specified time.

9. How do I increase my chances of being selected for a study?

You should make sure your profile is filled out and updated with your company, product, and technology expertise so that our matching system can properly connect you with the right studies.

10. If I am invited to a Thinkstudy, do I have to participate?

Absolutely not. You can decline an invitation at any time. Our studies allow you to go in and view the questions before you decide to participate. If you don’t wish to answer the study for whatever reason, you can navigate away, and your account will not be affected in any way.

11. What are typical Thinkstudy questions like?

Questions vary depending on the requirements of each customer. Typically, you can expect questions about a technology, or feedback about a company or its products. Depending on your profile, questions can be from an engineering, sales, or marketing perspective. Most studies are between 8-15 questions and will take about 7-12 minutes to answer.

12. What about answers that might require me to divulge company proprietary information?

Thinkspeed always provides the opportunity for a member not to participate in a study. Please do not divulge any information that is likely to be company proprietary or confidential. The same applies to any private or personal information. For more details, refer to Thinkspeed Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

13. Are there any opportunities for follow up consultations with customers?

Yes. Customers have the option to seek out the best respondents from the study and conduct one-on-one follow up consultations.

14. Will I know who commissioned the study?

No. We believe that revealing who is conducting the study may skew study answers. Therefore, we do not give information on who commissioned the study unless the customer seeks follow up consultations and allows us to disclose that information.

15. How much information will customers see about me?

We take your privacy very seriously, so each customer will only see list of all the study participants in order to ensure that we can validate all responses.

16. Will my member profile be publicly visible?

Thinkspeed allows you to choose your profile's visibility options. By default, your profile is not visible to public search engines, but it is visible to other Thinkspeed community members. You do have the option of controlling what portions of your profile other Thinkspeed members can view. If you wish, you can change your settings to make your profile visible to search engines.

17. What is the compensation for a typical Thinkstudy?

Compensation generally varies depending on the customer and type of study. Currently, our respondents are invited to studies that provide cash payments and/or access to study results, and they can decide which studies to participate in. Respondents are informed of the type of study compensation prior to completing a particular study.

18. What will typical study results look like?

Typical study results will look like this, containing slides with the aggregated survey data, a participant breakdown, and a comments section that enables respondents to engage with one another and discuss their thoughts.

19. What is the compensation for follow up consultations?

Compensation varies depending on the customer and the type of follow up they are seeking, but the consultations typically do involve monetary compensation.

20. How will I get paid?

We make payments via your PayPal account. Once you login as a community member, simply go to the Payments tab and enter your PayPal ID.

21. How soon will I get paid?

Once a paid study is delivered and accepted by the customer, you are eligible for payment. We make payments once every month.

22. What about taxes?

As a community member, you are an independent contractor and are responsible for your own taxes.

23. What does it cost to be a member of the community?

Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to being part of the community.

24. What is the catch, i.e., is this for real?

There is no catch. Our customers are seeking market intelligence and research from knowledgeable professionals, so we invite qualified community members to join and participate in their studies.

25. How can I delete my Thinkspeed account?

We would hate to see you leave the community. But, if you must, please send an email to using your Thinkspeed account email address, and we will take care of it.

26. Have more questions?

Let us know.