Community-Driven Market Feedback

Targeted, objective, actionable insight

Thinkspeed provides a simple, effective way for customers to source market research. By allowing direct targeting of our perpetually growing community of professionals, Thinkspeed delivers reliable, insightful intelligence on business matters and opportunities.

The diverse backgrounds and expertise of our community ensure authoritative, high-quality feedback on a variety of topics. The Thinkspeed platform makes it easy, efficient and cost-effective to access the community.

1Study Set-Up

Choose from a standard set of questions or create your own personalized, unique study, or Thinkstudy. Studies allow up to 20 customizable Q&A options. Specify the minimum qualifications required for participants: you decide the number, the expertise, and the industry of your respondents.

2Expert Response

Thinkspeed’s proprietary algorithm selects the best-matched respondents from our research community to complete your study. Members in the research community are verified to be of high caliber and come from various industry verticals within leading organizations around the world.

3Review and Quality Control

After members complete the Thinkstudy, our in-house research team reviews and vets the responses. Responses failing to meet Thinkspeed’s quality standards are returned to respondents for clarification.


Once responses are certified, a report is generated and delivered to the customer. View it online or download it in multiple formats. Your custom report includes summary analysis, study responses and respondent credentials.

Thinkspeed’s fast turnaround helps you make critical decisions quickly. Thinkspeed also welcomes report and response reviews so we can continue to refine our process.

Please click here to view a sample study.